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Casket Direct Gives Our Warmest Welcome

Our casket store is located in the City of Markham, Ontario and offers beautiful 100% hardwood caskets. We display the entire burial casket in our showroom and more than 20 different caskets for viewing. 

We are the only store in Toronto to carry more than 20 selections of metal caskets to best meet the needs and preferences of all families. Our growing collection of cremation urns are available in wood and metal so your loved one may rest peacefully.

At Casket Direct, we are committed to deliver an unparalleled standard of quality, care, and customer service for you. 

  • Quality Caskets at Affordable Price.
  • FREE ground DELIVERY on all our caskets.
  • SAVE $3000-$5000 on your total funeral costs.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction or Full Refund/Exchange.


You have the right to purchase caskets and funeral related merchandise from sources other than funeral homes. All funeral homes must accept those items without raising their prices on their services and goods you select from them. Call us today to get more information and save your money.

Canadian Consumer Handbook states discounted caskets are open in some cities in Canada that provides caskets for less.

Board of Funeral Services Ontario’s Board of Funeral Services website, offers consumer information guides, Ontario’s funeral and cemetery laws.

For information about Funerals Arrangements in Canada, Consumer Information.

You can visit our Toronto outlet store located at : 170 Torbay Road, Markham, Ontario, L3R 1G6. We are open Mondays to Saturdays from 10 AM to 5 PM, locate us now.


Funeral homes must accept your choice of casket purchased elsewhere.

In Ontario, the provider of funeral services may not refuse to serve you or charge you extra if you provide your own casket, provided that the casket is deemed safe for use.  Also, as long as the casket meet Cemetery and Crematorium by-laws which all of our caskets are made by our factory outlet to meet the safety regulations.

You can call us today at 1 (855) 604-7555 to get information on “What the Funeral Director doesn’t Tell You” and a guideline of how to save thousands on your funeral expenses on caskets and cremation urns.

To get more information for Ontario planning funeral arrangements, please visit Consumer protection when planning a funeral, burial, cremation or scattering.

How are you saving 75% on Caskets & Urns?

You need to know that there are other options when selecting a casket for your loved one. The funeral homes you visited, did you find that their caskets are tagged with a heavy price? Or, they didn’t have what you wanted?

When you look over our selection of wood caskets or metal caskets; one thing that might catch your attention is our price. How come the caskets are so much different in pricing compared to those offered in the funeral home?

Casket Direct is a casket factory outlet. The fundamental method of our low price is due to our commitment in the whole production process, logistics, labour and transport costs. We work directly with our suppliers and get our merchandises in bulk and therefore all of our caskets or urns are immediately ready for delivery. To help keep the caskets or urns affordable, Casket Direct gives you the wholesale price of the individual casket. No hidden fees and handling fees to worry about. We assure you our quality is on the same level as those offered in the funeral homes but without the branding. We only carry our line of caskets directly from our factory outlet.

We have experienced first-hard the price implied by funeral homes when it comes to funeral necessities and we are pleased to offer our merchandise at a reasonable and affordable price to families of Canada.

We aren’t about the Brand, we are about the quality and trust with the utmost dedication and sense of commitment. We can do same day or next day delivery to any funeral homes in Toronto.

At Casket Direct, we believe “Its what you want from a casket for your loved one and it shouldn’t be confined by the price of a casket.”

Browse our selection of hardwood caskets and metal caskets at affordable pricing. Our cremation urns are available in wood and metal.

Listen to what our customers have to say about Casket Direct:

Very satisfied. Urn is lovely excellent service, thank you.–Tom Needham. Regina, Saskatchewan

Thanks so much for the quick delivery, I would just like to say that you provided amazing customer service.–Amy Chung. Toronto, Ontario

Beautiful casket like fine furniture, good service.–John R. Markham, Ontario

I was really surprised at the price. I think the casket is beautifully simplistic,  tasteful, and has a certain dignity about it I like. –Hal M. Fayetteville, North Carolina 

I saved more than $4000 when I decided to buy a casket from Casket Direct. Thank you so much.–Don. Markham, Ontario

Thank you, I was very worried about ordering a casket online but I hoped for the best. The casket was absolutely beautiful! The order process was handled professionally and with kindness –Michele T. Toronto, Ontario.

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E-mail us at info@casketdirect.ca

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