Caskets or mostly known as a final resting place for an individual. At Casket Direct, we provide a memorable resting place made wood or metal available for you to browse. Simply click on the desired wood species or metal gauge below to narrow your search. You can choose to view all our merchandise by clicking on the entire collection below. We provide head panels for the chosen casket (suitable for wood or metal). Select wood caskets and metal caskets have a Memorial Tube feature that allows you to embed a message with the burial casket. All caskets (exclude Cremation Caskets) are made in standard adult size with the dimensions of 28”W/84”L/23”H.

Funeral Caskets

We offer same day delivery free of charge for the Greater Toronto Area. In Toronto, our casket store allows you and your family to see the quality of all our merchandise. Make an appointment or drop-by to our store to see the actual caskets and urns before purchase. We offer competitive price for all our merchandise and guarantee you the lowest price available. Our caskets and urns are direct from our factory outlet to ensure you get more than 75% savings. We understand that a traditional funeral ceremony can put tremendous pressure on you and your family. Let us help you save $1000-$5000 on your funeral necessities.


Veneer Caskets

Full Couch Caskets


Comparing Wood Caskets vs Metal Caskets

A wood casket is made of solid hardwood and finished in a matte or gloss coating. The design of our wood caskets may vary from square-cornered, round-cornered or interchangeable corner shapes. Typically, different selection of woods are available that will vary in price. The beautiful is each wood casket is unique and are hand-crafted and assembled by our craftsmen. As a result, various wood types are considered more expensive than metal caskets. Our selection of veneers are a thin layer of select wood type (e.g. cherry) constructed onto solid wood to give an outer appearance of that select hardwood casket. As a result, this lowers the cost for that desired select wood casket. Technology has advanced, allowing veneer caskets to resemble 98.9% of a hardwood casket while saving you substantially amount of money when you select veneer over hardwood.

Our selection of metal caskets are made from copper, bronze, stainless steel or steel metal that are often manufactured with a wide selection of corner styles and colours. Cost varies due to thickness of the casket, available in 20 gauge, 18 gauge and 16 gauge. In this case, 18 gauge is thicker than 20 gauge and will cost more than the 20 gauge metal casket. Leaving copper, bronze and stainless steel caskets on the high-end of pricing in the metal casket family. The advantages of these caskets are the numerous corner designs available and the colour selections are endless when compared with wood selections.

Cremation Caskets

Times are changing and changes in the industry brings cremation on the rise, we firmly believe families will demand lower-priced quality caskets. Traditional and full-service funerals are costly and with the financial pressure on families results in finalizing their decision on opting for lower-priced alternatives. Cremation caskets are in demand for a cost-efficient cremation process. We provide cremation caskets and cremation urns, fine wood caskets with high set of standards in sustainability. All our caskets goes through a standard quality control unit and finished with individual attention once completed to ensure quality is of the best before delivery. We even included the Memorial Tube feature on select caskets to personalize a life well-lived.